Congratulations on the acceptance of you abstract for an “E-Poster”.
Your E-Poster will be displayed at the KSCCM-ACCC 2024 conference venue.

Please read the guidelines below carefully and prepare your Poster file accordingly.

Guidelines for the E-Poster Submission

- It must be submitted by MS-Power Point format ONLY.
- It must be written by English.
- Presenters should use official KSCCM•ACCC 2024 E-Poster Template.

Basic Rules for Creating Poster File

Presentation file must meet the following criteria:
1. It is a one (1) page limit for the E-Poster File.
2. All contents should be included in ONE slide.
3. It is recommended to use Structured format provided below.
- Clinical/experimental contents: Background/ Methods/ Results/ Discussion/ Conclusion
- Case report: Introduction/ Case report/ Discussion/ Conclusion
4. Create contents of your E-Poster File in the following format.
- Font: Calibri
- Font Size: Minimum 20pt
- File Size: Maximum 20MB
5. Any video and audio should not be allowed.

※ Poster file must strictly adhere to the given size format.
If your poster file does not match our specified size, your poster may not be displayed accurately.

E-Poster File Submission Deadline: April 8(Mon.) 23:59 p.m., 2024


All E-Poster Submitters must register by the end of the Pre-registration date (April 7(Sun.)).
If presenters do not register by deadline of pre-registration or on-site, the abstract will be automatically withdrawn from the final program.


If you need to withdraw or make any changes of your abstract, you should notify in writing to the KSCCM-ACCC 2024 Secretariat via E-mail( by April 8(Mon.)

If you need to withdraw your abstract after this date, it will be marked as “withdrawn” on the contents of program and abstract book.