Guidelines for the Invited Speakers

Thank you very much for agreeing to be an invited speaker for the 44th KSCCM conference.
Each invited speaker is requested to submit lecture note for the inclusion of the Conference Proceedings.
Please submit your lecture note by submission deadline as below.

Lecture Note Submission Deadline: March 29 (Fri.), 2024

How to Write Abstract (Lecture Note)

1. It must be written in English.
2. It must be saved as Microsoft Word file. (*.doc or *.docx)
3. It is recommended that the length of the lecture note body should be 1 page or less.
4. When more than one author is listed, use superscript numbers to match authors and affiliations.
If there is more than one author, underline the name of the presenter.
5. Affiliations should be listed with city, (state), and country.
6. Do not indent paragraphs. The text must fit in the space provided.
7. Use standard abbreviations and symbols and define each abbreviation when it is used for the first time.
8. In case you have tables and graphs in your abstract, please separately attach the image file (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif or *.png format) of the tables and graphs when you submit your abstract.
9. For your reference, Please refer to Abstract Sample file as below.

Presentation Slide Submission

All Invited Speakers should submit their final presentation files to Preview Room at the congress before your session begin.

Please refer to following instructions below.

  • As for the aspect of your presentation file (slides), a ratio of 16:9 screen format is recommended.
  • It is recommended to use official presentation slide template for making your presentation file.
  • All speakers should bring their USB stick to upload your presentation file in the Preview Room.
  • Please submit your presentation file at the preview room at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled session to ensure the files function correctly in the given environment.

Preview Room

All presenters should come up to “Preview Room” at least 1 hour before their presentations to upload and check their PPT files.


● Venue: Tulip Room(5F)

● Operating Hours

- 4/25(Thur.): 08:00 - 17:00

- 4/26(Fri.): 08:00 - 17:00