Royal palaces like Gyeongbokgung PalaceGyeonghuigung Palace and Changgyeonggung Palace are some of the many must-see tourist attractions in Seoul. As well as exploring the palace grounds, visitors can enjoy several experience programs that enable one to truly take in the culture of these royal places. More ➔

One of the major events held at Gyeongbokgung Palace and Deoksugung Palace is the reenactment of the historical Royal Guard Changing Ceremony. For a more personal experience, visitors can try wearing hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) for free at Deoksugung Palace.
Special events such as Moonlight Tour at Changdeokgung Palace, special exhibition at Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, night admission, and more are also available on a seasonal basis. Please double check the information prior to your visit to avoid any unexpected inconveniences.


While traveling throughout Korea, there are many ways to get a glimpse of the nation’s traditions and culture; trying the food or visiting ancient buildings to name a few, but nothing compares to trying on hanbok, the traditional clothing of Korea. More ➔

Although hanbok is generally only worn on special occasions or during national holidays, it is growing in popularity among young couples and international visitors. Visit cultural centers like the ones featured here to try on a beautiful hanbok! The styles of hanbok available and the rental fees will vary by each program so be sure to check in advance!
Insa-dong PR Center


It is said that to truly understand a country's culture, you must first experience its food. If you want to learn more about Korea's traditional food, there is no better way than to try your hand at making the food yourself. In Seoul, a variety of cooking programs are available for international visitors, offering lessons on how to make popular dishes like kimchi, bulgogi, bibimbap, tteok, and even royal cuisine. Joining one of these programs will make your trip to Korea even more memorable, so give it your all to make some tasty traditional Korean food! More ➔

  • Food and Culture Korea
  • OME Cooking Lab
  • O'ngo Food Communications
  • Korea House
  • Museum Kimchikan
  • Korean Cuisine Culture Center
  • Tteok Museum


Experiencing Korean arts and crafts is an interesting and creative way to learn about Korean culture. Korea's traditions live on in craft workshops in Insa-dong, Gahoe-dong, and Bukchon Hanok Village. These venues offer a variety of programs to choose from, ranging from designing accessories with the Korean knotting method to making household items with traditional Korean paper, hanji. Visitors can simply pick a craft-making class of their interest for a one-of-a-kind souvenir. Tourists can get a glimpse of Korean craftsmanship even as they bid farewell to Korea at the Korea Traditional Culture Center within Incheon International Airport.


Among the several experience programs offered to international tourists, one of the most popular programs is the ceramic-making experience. Visitors can make their own work, starting from a simple ball of clay and turning it into a beautiful piece of art of their own personal design. In particular, Icheon in Gyeonggi-do offers diverse classes related to the subject as it is known to be the city of ceramics. Participants can take their final products home that day, or have them airmailed later for an additional fee.

Taekwondo, Experience the Traditional Martial Art of Korea

Taekwondo, the most recognized form of Korean martial arts, is a sport that emphasizes a sense of morality, humility, and a respect for one's opponent. It has become a globally recognized sport where practitioners improve both their physical ability and mental strength. This martial art teaches both defensive and offensive techniques without using weapons. However, taekwondo puts more emphasis on defense because of the taekwondo spirit of respecting peace and justice. Continue reading to find out where you can experience this traditional Korean martial art yourself. More ➔

  • International Kumgang Taekwondo Center
  • National Taekwondowon

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